2018 Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler In Your Life

2019 holiday gift guide dolce does travel the roundtrip

Still unsure what to get your favorite traveler in your life — or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself this season too? Look no further than this 2018 Holiday Travel Gift Guide.

Disclaimer: These products are not sponsored in anyway, and are based on my own needs and wants and uses. DolceDoesTravel is part of a couple affiliate programs, however, so I might get a small amount of money if you buy through our links, which just go to help offset the cost of running this website and The RoundTrip newsletter! We appreciate the support <3.

Up In The Air

Neck Pillow: Turtle turtle turtle. Chris used this Trtl Neck Pillow on the long haul to Germany in Oct and it’s leaps and bounds above other neck pillows. Usually $30, on lightning deal right now for $19.99.

Foot Hammock: Chris did not spring for a foot hammock and had major FOMO and all the ragrets when her seat mate could sleep a little bit easier by resting her feet with this Foot Hammock. Drapes over seat tray for easy use.

Scarf: Doubles to keep you warm on the go, and up in the air. We never travel without some sort of scarf. For around $10 and free Prime shipping, get this big blanket scarf in various colors for colder months, or this lighter weight scarf for summer travel.

Headphones: Noise cancelling are key to a restful long haul - or short haul - flight. Or also useful in long road trips through Europe when you don’t like the music choices of your driver.

Lights, Camera, Action

SmartPhone Attachments: Turn your smartphone into a fancy camera with this fisheye, super wide angle, and super macro lens kit. Smaller and easier to travel than a big DSLR, and much cheaper at just $30.99.

Camera: Prefer to have the full thing? Start with this Canon EOS Rebel T6 package deal that includes a wide angle-normal lens, a telephoto zoom lens, flash, SD card, case, built in wifi, and so much more, all for just $449!!! Fantastic deal on a starter DSLR. If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight and easier to travel with, also consider the Sony Alpha mirrorless series, like the a6000 for $498.

Stay Connected

Portable Charger: These are a must, whether on vacation, spending a day as a tourist in your hometown, or on work travel. For $19, snag this PISEN 2-in-1 to plug and go. It’s a steal and a deal.

Health Nut

Portable Blender: Will your fave traveler resolve to stick to a budget or lose weight in 2019? At $13.50 (up to $18), this single-serve personal blender will help achieve either goal while on the road.


Delta/AirBnb: Spend at least $250 on a Delta Gift card, get a bonus $25 eGift card to Airbnb. While supplies last.