Amazon Prime Day's Best Deals on Travel Products


If you're as obsessed with Prime Day as I am, then you've already scoured the site today to get the best deals on items you've had your eye on...or..maybe you're also like me in that you made a few impulse buys.  No shame.

If you instead read that first sentence and thought -- wait, what is she talking about now?  What's this Prime Day she speaks of? No, it's not a national day to celebrate math and numbers ... it's a random day Amazon selected to throw a bunch of awesome goods on sale for super cheap.  Leave it to Amazon and Target to just take all our money.

If the latter is you, then first you need to sign up here for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime to access the sale and free 2-day (and sometimes 1- or same-day) shipping and all the other perks like TV show, movie, and music streaming.  Do it - I promise, you'll never look back.


Now that you're all set up with your Prime account, you're ready to shop ALL OF THE DEALS.  Below is a list I pulled together of all the best travel-related deals available through July 11.  

Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post, but I do get commission if you order through one of the links below, which helps offset the costs of running this site.


Men's Slim RFID Wallet 
Slim enough to fit in a travel pouch or your front pocket so you don't get pickpocketed, and RFID so no one can scan your cards to steal your information. 

eBags Medium Packing Cubes - 3pc Set
Ever since I discovered these suckers a few years ago, I never take a trip without them. Cubes help maximize packing space and I separate (rolled) clothes by tops vs pants or by theme (i.e. beach or pool day) for ease while on the go. Also check out the Weekender 5 Pc Cube Set.

Kisreal 26800mAh Power Bank Portable Charger External Battery Pack 3 Port Input & 3 Usb Output
I never ever travel without a portable charger. My phone just dies way too fast after pulling up google maps, taking photos, editing photos, and referencing my itinerary.  This charger has tons of power and can charge up to 3 devices at the same time.  You can also get 8.5 charges on your iPhone or 6.5 on your Samsung Galaxy. And, what's unique to this charger, it's compatible with micro usb, lightning jack (iPhone) and USB type C -- aka your new MacBook. 

"anature" Stainless Steel Water Bottle
I never travel without a water bottle, especially when flying. Most airports now have filtered fountains to fill up your bottle just past security. Or, I take advantage and refill during drink service on the plane.  This bottle is 9 oz, so perfectly compact to fit in your bag or to keep a child hydrated. And, it's well insulated to keep that beverage cold - or even hot. 


Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible, 11.6-Inch HD Touch, Intel Celeron 
Perfect size and lightweight to take for entertainment on the plane to backing up and editing your vacation pictures on the go.

Youngnis Foldable Waterproof Carry Storage Bag with Zipper   
I try to travel via carry on luggage only (time saver and beats lugging huge suitcases all over the place) but often find myself tight on space after shopping or picking up souvenirs. So, a few years ago I started packing a foldable duffle bag that could fit my purse and all the extra loot if I ended up with too much stuff.  This bag is PERFECT because it's cheap, lightweight, folds up nice when not in use, AND the real perk --- it slides right over your carry on handle so you're not looking like a crazy bag lady in the airport or on the train. Winner winner. 

CamelBak Women's 2016 L.U.X.E. Hydration Pack  
If your travel plans include something a little more adventurous, this Women's Camelbak is included in the Prime Day sale.  Designed for mountain biking, but useful for staying hydrated for day hikes or even during festival season. 

Women's 100% Silk Scarf Luxury Satin Graphic Painted Shawl Wraps
Another staple I never travel without is a scarf or wrap of some sort - no matter the destination, no matter the weather. This lightweight silk scarf will come in handy if you're cold on the plane, need to jazz up an outfit due to packing light, enter any churches or mosques that require covering up, or just to add to an outfit. 


This is a small sampling of some of my favorite deals featured in today's sale.  Different items become available at different times throughout the day, so check back, or click on "watch deal" so you don't miss out.  With these items, and more - including cameras (and accessories), tripods, tablets or e-readers, headphones, or even clothes

Happy Prime Day Shopping!

Pin this to remember these products later!

Pin this to remember these products later!