Travel Makes You Rich

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I was born and raised in the same city, and lived in the same house my whole life (in fact, my parents still live in that house).  While I was lucky enough to travel at a young age, it was mostly only to visit family on the opposite coast.  But, I've always had a deep desire to travel, explore, and go on adventures.  

Call me crazy, but I dreamt of my parents picking us up and moving us to somewhere new.  You know, that whole grass is greener thing.  They had moved quite a bit before I was born, but my dad's job kept them in San Diego after I arrived, so I only ever knew one home. 

Since my childhood moving dreams never came true (of course a romanticized notion that never would've turned out as exciting as I had imagined), I jumped at the first chance I had to move away...College.  I had some limitations (within the state), so I specifically wanted to choose the school furthest away, and where I didn't know a single person.  I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Meet new people. Explore a new place. Have an adventure. Re-invent myself if that's what I really wanted.  

And I did that. 

I chose a school 500 miles away from the only home I'd ever known.

Once in college, I studied French and Italian, despite already meeting the foreign language requirement. I was only 3 classes shy of a French minor.

I switched majors at one point from International Business to International Relations.  (The subject matters couldn't be that different, right? Both international and all....)

When I made a 10 year plan at 21 years old, it involved moving to the East Coast, and even living in Europe (France) for at least 3 months.

I took a job on the east coast in my mid-twenties because I thought that might make it easier to travel to Europe, at least compared to my entire life spent on the west coast.

I was someone who didn't really travel, but lived my life as if I did. I made all of my important life decisions based on having such an interest (no, desire) in exploring the world, yet I had barely explored my own country.

In fact, I didn't even get my first passport until I was 29 years old.  

I always assumed I would have traveled to at least Europe at a much earlier age - especially to France since I studied the language - and culture - over the course of six years.  While I have a thing about living life with no regrets, if I had to choose would be that I didn't study abroad during college, or travel internationally sooner in life. 

So, in the last 3 years, I've finally traveled. I've traveled to more states and two continents.  And it's absolutely become a passion.  I didn't realize all that I was really missing out on until I did leave the country.  My passion and desire to see the world, meet new people, explore new places, and learn history has magnified.  

I decided to take this passion - and all the information I've gathered during hours of looking up travel deals and planning itineraries for trips I have yet to take - and put it into words on this blog.

I hope I can inspire even just one person to travel, explore, and wander.  To be pushed out of their comfort zone.  To learn new things and gain a new perspective.  And to be forever changed and inspired.  Travel really does make you rich.