Meet the RoundTrippers


It all started after midnight one night in 2014, when the RoundTrippers came across an around-the-world airfare deal for $177. Within 30 minutes flights were booked and we were laughing that one day we'd tell a story about that time we booked flights around the world for under $200.

Then the flights were confirmed. Ticketed. And 3 weeks - and 5 countries later - a mutual love for traveling (at a fraction of the price) was born.

Since November 2014, we've spent all our free time scouring the internet for mistake fares and crazy airfare sales to support our travel addictions. Friends and family kept asking for our secrets and for alerts to these crazy deals.  So, in early 2017, while planning our next adventure and drinking too much wine, The RoundTrip was born. 

Chris Dolce Castillo

I am Chris - the Dolce in Dolce Does Travel. 

Corinne Clark

Hi. Corinne here. I’m the one who packs with precision and meticulousness, requires a detailed itinerary, and yet somehow is always running (literally) to catch a flight or barely making it through customs. In my non-travel life I am a former politico, current PR and Public Affairs consultant, podcast aficionado, and dog mom.