November 15, 2017 - Sweater weather - Fall for deals you won't beleaf!

November 15, 2017 - Sweater weather - Fall for deals you won't beleaf!

A Quick Note From Your RoundTrippers: 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means….giving thanks Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Next week we’ll be sharing the top travel-related Cyber Monday deals. Set up your 30 day free trial to Amazon Prime now and get your wallets ready for next week! In the meantime, here’s a few to get you started...

-Chris & Corinne


This Week In Weird Travel News...don’t be that traveler...or that one either.

Trip (Un) Advisor: The major travel review site is in the hot seat after news of negative reviews being deleted have surfaced. Extremely concerning when it includes reports of rape at a resort.

I’m About To Break: Hate waiting for your bag at baggage claim? Learn the tricks of the trade to get your bag first. Cause if you’re not’re last.

Gobble Gobble: We’re a week out from the busiest travel day of the year. So, here are tips if you’re hitting the road, the friendly skies, or traveling with your pets this Thanksgiving.


Full Speed Ahead: Just not anytime soon. You’ve heard of the warp-speed travel promised by HyperloopOne, but for the claustrophobics whose idea of rapid travel does not involve tight, enclosed tubes…we bring you Arrivo. Arrivo’s system would support vehicles that travel on a “super urban network,” rather than a narrow tube. A test route is in the works in CO planned for 2019. DeLorean anyone?


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AROUND THE WORLD: For only $743 USD (£565). Deal as advertised starts in London, but would also work to start in Oakland, CA. Deal will take you to 6 cities around the world -- London, Sofia, Dubai, Manila, Hong Kong, Oakland/San Jose.  

Travel Jan/Feb (sample dates: Jan 20 - Feb 11). Airlines vary. These deals pop up every now and then, but this is the lowest we've seen. 

We Didn't Start The Firenze: Amazing deal to Florence from four U.S. cities starting at $482 RT! Travel from: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston between Jan and March. Airlines vary but include: Iberia, British Airways, WOW, KLM, or TAP Portugal

Pro tip: Try All'Antico Vinaio for amazing €5 sandwiches and don't miss out on aperitivo! 


Stay Classy: Hey D.C. -- you'll want to escape the bitter cold this winter, so jump on this deal to San Diego for $146 RT with American Airlines (basic economy fare).

Deal also works in reverse if any San Diegans want to explore the Nation's Capital in the beautiful - and cold - winter months of Jan and Feb.

Disclaimer: Fares as advertised are available as of publishing. Sale fares could expire at any time.


denotes budget airline - bags, meals, seat selection will cost extra

*TravelZoo Weekly Top 20 is now live.

*Alaska Air - weekly sale starts at $40 one way (Las Vegas to Los Angeles) for travel through Dec 14. Highest end of sale includes Alaska to Hawaii for $249 one way. Book by 11/20.

*Hawaiian Airlines - book your luau now, Bay Area, because Hawaiian has flights starting at $179 one way from SFO, OAK and SJC for Jan - Mar travel. RT fares from around U.S.range from $357 (SJC) to $677 (NYC). Book by tomorrow.

*JetBlue is offering 20% off base fare for travel 11/29-2/14 for a friends, family, and maybe a few frenemies sale. Click through this link for booking and use promo code BFF. More info here. Book by today. Blackout dates apply (12/15-1/10 and Fridays/Sundays).

*Southwest wants you to plan a great escape starting at $49 one way. Sale goes through 11/23 for travel until 5/23 (domestic) or 5/18 (international - most of March blacked out). Previous international sales were through 3/1, so jump on those April/May tropical getaway fares now!


Ahh but it’s cold.. out.. side. Winter travel may be a given, but are you prepared for the wintery part of it all? Stay prepared with these winter travel essentials...


Breakfast At Tiffany’s: is really a thing now, thanks to Tiffany And Co.’s Blue Box Cafe in NYC. Perfect cure for the mean reds. Just don’t go on’s too gruesome.

It’s A Trap: In a galaxy not too far away… Star Wars Themed pop up bars rivaling the Cantina will open tonight in NYC, DC, and LA. Not as dangerous as Mos Eisley, but the drinks may turn you to the dark side. We do know one thing for sure...many drinks you will have.

Next Week…

Get Cultured:
 Channel your inner artist and make your way to Art Basel in Miami, FL. Leading galleries from all over the world will showcase their masterpieces at this Superbowl of art exhibits. The exhibit will be open to the public Dec 7-10, or in 2018 in Hong Kong and Basel.

YeeHaw: And speaking of culture…. grab a Coors and your cowboy hat n’ hitch your way to Las Vegas for the National Rodeo Finals Dec 7-16. All the classics will be princess, bucking broncos, barrel rolls, and of course the clown.

This Holiday Season….

O Canada! The holiday’s may be mean on your wallet, but leave it to Canada to keep things friendly. Through December you can travel from Ottawa to Toronto (and reverse) for as low as $44 on VIA Rail, Christmas dates included. Book fast though, these fares will sell out. And speaking of discounted Canadian travel…...

Shop Til You Drop: The holiday shopping countdown is officially on (38 days!) and we know how stressful it can be. Play Santa and check off your list by booking a trip to one of the top 20 shopping cities in the world. Oh what fun!

December to Remember: Get in the holiday spirit and make the last month of 2017 your best yet with the top events across the U.S.

KEVINNNNNNNNN: Family ditched you on the family Christmas vacation? Score a stay at The Plaza Hotel in NYC a la Kevin McCallister. Package available starting Dec 1. Oh and keep the change... ya filthy animal.


Quake In the Middle East: Last Sunday, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck northern Iraq and parts of Iran, killing more than 450 people and injuring more than 7,000 in both countries. This earthquake is the deadliest of the year and was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan. Rescue and recovery efforts are still underway as some of the hardest hit areas were poor villages.

No Siesta From The Tensions in Spain: Meanwhile, not much has changed in Barcelona. Nearly 750,000 people protested in the streets over the weekend after several Catalan leaders were arrested. No official travel warnings have been issued but travelers should remain aware of the evolving situation as the unrest continues.


Undercover Boss: Sick and tired of upper management and ready to finally be the top dog? You’re in luck because Mexico’s hiring a new CEO….a Cancun Experience Officer. The job runs from March to Aug and pays $10,000 a month plus expenses. Ideal candidates must be, well… fun… and able to share their experiences on social media. Deadline to apply is Dec 17. Arriba!


Here Comes Santa Claus: Be one of the first to catch a glimpse of December’s favorite man by winning flights to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from Grand prize also includes a $500 gift card to UrbanSitter so parents can steal a night out in the City. End up the lucky winner? Don’t miss the top places to watch the parade.


We're loving these orange colors in the pic of the week in the Saharan Desert from @ry3dunn.

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