June 21, 2017 Happy Summer! Also -- show us your best travel selfies for #NationalSelfieDay. Tag #TheRoundTrip to be featured!

June 21, 2017
Happy Summer!

Also -- show us your best travel selfies for #NationalSelfieDay. Tag #TheRoundTrip to be featured!


Havin' A Heat Wave: And not of the tropical variety. Record temps grounded planes in Phoenix this week, since aircraft have maximum operating temperatures. Bombardier aircraft can't take off above 118 degrees F, while bigger planes (like Boeing and Airbus) have max temp of 126 degrees F.

Say Aloha to Cheap Flights. Well, here’s hoping. With new routes from the mainland to Hawai’i, the stage is set for those two tickets to paradise to be a little bit cheaper in the near future.  We’ll be sure to let you know if this happens.

Getting Maui’ed? Here’s some tips on planning a destination celebration from family reunions to weddings to vow renewals.

Speaking of Mawwaige…getting hitched but stuck on where to show off your new Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts and bling?  Check out some love-worthy spots to celebrate in bliss.

Don’t Be That Guy. Seriously, just don’t. Know - and follow - the 21 unwritten rules for flying.

Jet Set Baby. Secret to earning free travel for your entire life? Be born 35,000 feet up in the air. Would rather avoid giving birth on an airplane? Consult your doctor, but in general, steer clear of flying during your third trimester.


Highs and Lows: United Airlines is making headlines again for its fight club style business model. This time they are in the hot seat for an employee allegedly kicking a woman in the head while she slept on the ground, leaving us with so many questions as they investigate. On a brighter note, however, you will soon be able to get Chicago-style deep dish pizza and a beer combo on United North American flights. It's the little things.

Close, But No Cigar: If you haven’t made it to Cuba yet, you probably aren’t going to. Trump made it FB official last Friday and announced the impending policy changes with Cuba.  Under these new regulations, individual Americans will no longer be able to visit the island on “people-to-people” trips and are barred from any transactions with companies run by the Cuban military-  big deal since most hotels are managed by a military owned conglomerate.  These changes come as lawmakers expressed concerns over encouraging tourism that would support the country’s current oppressive regime.

What does this mean for travelers? The rum’s not gone. As of now, no further restrictions on goods taken out of the country (aka those highly sought after cigars) will be implemented and diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba will remain open as will the newly opened embassies. Travel to the island, however, will be greatly restricted and almost impossible for tourist purposes. And if you do somehow manage to get around that, travel is only permitted for groups organized by a licensed tour operator not run by the military.


asia southeast ho chi minh city shanghai china thailand cheap flight deal

Three Separate Asia Sales from US/Canada:

Open Jaw: Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angeles to both Hong Kong and China, returning to Montreal or Toronto, Canada from only $334 / $443 CADwith United Airlines. Travel October - January, excluding Christmas.

Chicago – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Montreal: $334 / $443 CAD
Chicago – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Toronto: $341 / $453 CAD
Chicago – Hong Kong – Beijing – Toronto: $353 / $468 CAD
Chicago – Hong Kong – Beijing – Montreal: $353 / $468 CAD
San Francisco – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Toronto: $353 / $468 CAD
Los Angeles – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Toronto: $353 / $468 CAD

Open Jaw: Chicago or New York to Southeast Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Bangkok) and back from $413 RT.  Travel September - December.

Chicago – Bangkok // Ho Chi Minh – Chicago: $413
Chicago – Manila // Ho Chi Minh City – Chicago: $425
New York – Ho Chi Minh City // Manila – New York: $445
New York – Ho Chi Minh City // Bangkok – New York: $448
Chicago – Manila // Kuala Lumpur – Chicago: $499

Shanghai from multiple US Cities starting at $471 RT on Air Canada. Prices range (up to $600) based on departure city: Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago.



Iceland cheap flight deal

Iceland: Travel from Boston, New York, or DC from only $297 RT on Icelandair, or from San Francisco or Los Angeles from $259 RT on WOW Airlines (note - WOW does not include seat selection and baggage).  Travel from east coast August - December, or west coast from June - September.

Island Time: Fly non-stop from San Jose or Oakland to Hawai'i starting at $381 RT on Alaska Airlines. Travel August - November.


*TravelZoo Top 20 hot off the press.

*Amtrak: Prefer trains to planes this summer? Travel the Northeast Regional line for as low as $9 between July 17 through Aug 31. Book by June 22.

*Amazon has a special on a 10 piece travel-size beauty product sample box.  Pay $11.99 for the box and you get an $11.99 credit toward full size goods in the box, making your travel swag essentially free.  

In the market for new luggage to go with that trip you're about to book?  Amazon also has a good sale - up to 40% off - luggage and travel gear. 


Deals posted on Facebook this week...

$600 RT from San Diego/ LA to Tokyo
$300-500 RT from US/Canada to major European Cities
$99 one-way Southwest Airlines fares from Houston to Mexico

Check our website and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for short-lived fares like these throughout the week.


Next Month…

Ariel, This Is Where The People Are. And after 114 ounces of a giant cocktail in a mermaid fin, you can probably see them dancing too. Channel your inner mermaid and grab a “Siren” frozen margarita/ sangria at NYC’s Watermark bar on Pier 15. And after if you still have your sea legs, head to Zauo to fish for your dinner. Just don't accidentally snag a flounder.

‘Murica: Got your July 4th plans figured out yet? If not, check out one of top 10 biggest firework displays in the US.

This Summer…

Mountie Up:
 Explore all that Canada has to offer by booking this 20 day coast-to-coast train route that takes you from Montreal through Toronto to Vancouver, and everywhere in between. Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

Foodie Road Trip: Orbitz has put together an epic road trip that will send you straight to foodie heaven. The trip hits all 159 Michelin-starred restaurants across four US states. The Michelin Star Spangled Road Trip puts a new spin on the traditional camper van summer family vacay.

Cro-ative Transport: Jonesing to hit the 1200 islands in Croatia? Starting June 26, you can catch an UberBOAT to make island hopping a little more accessible. You can catch a boat from the airport in Split to Hvar, or hail one for a half to full day of exploring the islands. Just don’t forget to tip your captain.

Wallet On A Diet? Fear not, you can still get outta town and enjoy a vacation this summer, even if you are on a budget.  US News compiled a list of the best budget-friendly US cities.


Life In The Fast Lane: The Supreme Court could be talking Trump Travel banas early as Thursday... say that 5 times fast.

In Other News, er.. Bans: The US administration is considering banning travelto North Korea after Otto Warmbier, who was detained for more than a year in NK, tragically passed away after returning to the US in a coma. While traveling to North Korea isn’t necessarily on our to-do list, it's technically not off-limits. That could change very soon, promised Rex Tillerson, Sec of State.

Authorities in London and Paris are each investigating separate terror incidents that happened early Monday. In London, Darren Osborn, a Wales native, rammed his car into pedestrians outside of a Mosque in North London early monday morning in what the Prime Minister is calling an act of terrorism against Muslims. One person was killed at the scene and at least 10 others were injured. In Paris, a car exploded as it crashed into a police car at Champs-Elysees. Authorities are treating this as a probable terrorist attack as weapons and explosives were discovered in the car and the driver is reported to have been on Paris’s security watchlist. The driver was killed at the scene, no one else was injured.

Is it safe to travel? With increased attacks at popular tourist destinations, it's normal for travelers to have concerns about the safety of these places. The NY Times put together a tip sheet on how to travel safely (and calmly) and what to do in the event of an incident.


Nomad Life: A backpack, a budget and a map is pretty much all the 2017 globe trotter needs these days. But living that long-term travel life isn’t all just capturing like-worthy insta shots or collecting stamps, and if you aren’t prepared for the challenges and surprises along the way it can lead to travel burnout. Luckily, the NY Times has a few tips to keep you on eat, pray, love track.

Feeling Loco Moco: Enter to win 140k Hawaiian Airline miles, 3 nights hotel, and 2 tickets to the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival on November 3. Giveaway runs through June 30.


Photo of the week from @travelingfemale in New Mexico.

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